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Riddle #1:

Writing this 3-character string to a mathematician would make him think it's just a number. But to an English teacher, it could mean a cooking method or device. What is the 3-character string?

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Riddle #2:

Can you re-arrange the following syllables around to make something meaningful?


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Riddle #3:

Why is it that a saint doesn't want to live his life backwards?

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Riddle #4:

Putting ten ants together would give you what..?

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Riddle #5:

What is the softest edible nut?

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Riddle #6:

Why is it that a friend who loves a girl very much is not allowed to marry her? This friend of hers is very powerful & he's always around her. He's not a biological relative of her, but he likes to protect her & take care of her all the time. Both of them are over 18, and they love one another. So why is it that such marriage is considered to be illegal in any country?

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Riddle #7:

What can be broken but can't be seen/heard/touched/smelled, and yet it could be felt?

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Riddle #8:

A couple decided to go to a divorce lawyer to sign the divorce papers due to irreconcilable differences. The wife complained that her husband couldn't read her mind, not even once. The husband begged her to give him a chance to prove her wrong. So the wife said, "OK, if you can write one thing from my mind on the divorce papers correctly, I'll call off this divorce immediately". The husband agreed, but he insisted the lawyer should bear witness and make her verbal promise an actual contract legally recognized by law. Once the wife agreed that her words are legal binding, the husband immediately wrote down something that had nothing to do with divorce on the divorce papers. Then, he let both his wife & the lawyer see it. Moments later, the divorce was called off. What did the husband write?

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Riddle #9:

What kind of tables change their features frequently & have influence on humans directly?

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Riddle #10:

What kind of tail that has no physical mobility and performs its job in the same place all the time?

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Riddle #11:

Which nation is associated with the words "generous" and "giving" by most people?

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Riddle #12:

What kind of poo not only it smells good, has anti-bacterial properties & has been used as a commercial cleaning agent for many years? (Believe it or not, it's actually true..)

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Riddle #13:

Why is it that the majority of humankind believe that objects can go airborne without any need of air at all or any use of magnetic or electromagnetic field?

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Riddle #14:

There's a town plagued with serious crimes & offenses, such as sexual assaults, and serial rapists are roaming at large. Why is it that putting the rapists together on the headline of the most-trusted & most popular newspaper would not scare residents of the town at all? People in town do read headlines & they understand English very well.

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Riddle #15:

What kind of horses that cannot run fast?

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Riddle #16:

What kind of horses that are the creepiest ones in the world and are known to betray humans?

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Riddle #17:

What kind of lions that don't roar and are the quietest ones in the world?

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Riddle #18:

What kind of plant that requires the Sun as the source of energy but does not bear any leaves or fruits? As a matter of fact, it does not grow in size at all.